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  • The tobacco processing and cigarette production plant is located 20 km from Ciudad del Este, in the District of Hernandarias, Departamento of Alto Paraná in the border zone with Brazil in the eastern quadrant of Paraguay.

  • Strategically situated in the center of South America, it is a superb place that projects itself in regional and international spheres.

  • Located on a property of 226 hectares, the factory has a surface area of more than 20,000 m2 where all the processes necessary for cigarette production take place.

  • The best regional and international tobacco leaves and the best national and international materials are geared towards the great structural fabric prepared to the last detail to create successful outputs.

  • A careful selection of tobacco assures the quality of the final product, in its two recognized varieties: Burley and Virginia.

  • The production reaches great volumes, which is an important stock to be commercialized in an area that functions as one of the highest zones of tourist and commercial movement of Mercosur.

  • The company develops a line to remove the sticks from the tobacco to provide the best quality, a line of primary processes and various secondary lines of production and packaging of cigarettes, with a capacity of producing 200,000 boxes monthly of "master case", a full capacity of production. This large production capacity allows us to offer the clients a variety of 70mm to 100mm long cigarettes, including a "slim" version in two packaging types: Soft pack and Box.

  • An exhaustive follow-up on the production processes and a rigorous quality control done in the plant laboratories assures optimal quality and efficiency of all the processes, from the harvest and arrival to the factory of the collected tobacco straight through to the manufacturing and final packaging of the cigarette packs.

  • Up to date technology in every corner of the plant guarantees excellent results with a high level of output, hygiene and quality.

  • Technicians, operators and engineers are highly qualified and permanently updated to accompany and supervise all the stages of the industrial process.

  • The Montecarlo Tobacco Company S.A. produces a wide variety of brands, flavors and types of cigarettes that respond to the tastes of thousands of consumers in the entire world.

  • The commitment to excellence, guaranteed by the constant development of production, allows the business to reach important commercial goals.

  • The company displays a constant commitment for the national production through an enormous investment destined to create employment sources and products with international projection.

  • The sustainable development of the business allows a futuristic vision with an extremely positive outlook assuring the capacity to continue growing.