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The Montecarlo Tobacco Company S.A. is determined, focused and prepared to enter in competition with the world's main markets in the sale of tobacco and cigarettes.


To obtain this, it is strategically situated in the center of Mercosur, with direct access and centralized towards the national and regional providers of tobacco, which is the principle raw material required, which creates a production cost and a very efficient management of the required materials.


The company has the most modern technology, factory installations and production equipment available, and the product is made with the best materials required such as: tobacco, filters and packaging. The administrative department is exclusively in charge of the entire export process, from the negotiations of the production contracts, to the required productions reports for the clients, to the shipping and dispatch of the merchandise. This assures not only a product with the highest quality, hygiene and presentation, but also an assurance in fulfillment of the contracts, shipping and production with the clients.


Paraguay has various ports for the export of merchandise, the main ones being the port of the city of Asunción as well as airports in the cities of Asunción and Ciudad del Este. It is geographically located in the middle of the main cities and countries in South America: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile.


In addition, Paraguay has an advantage in taxes and tariffs that vary according to the project to be established such as the Law of Temporary Admission for industrial materials and the Maquilla Law.


These laws are established to promote manual labor in Paraguayan industry and to obtain competitive costs on a worldwide level due to the lack of some components and raw material necessary for the high production industry in Paraguay.