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The Montecarlo Tobacco Company S.A., in addition to offering its own products for the export market, currently has a capacity of producing tobacco and cigarettes for distributing and importing for companies authorized by owners of international tobacco and/or cigarette brands. A new international export department and client service department were created to obtain a maximum development of its productive capacity, given the enormous capacity of the available production.


The company can currently produce various types of cigarettes for export from 70mm to the 100mm in size, packaged in both pack types, the soft pack and the box, as well as the 100mm cigarettes able to be produced in the slim version. In owning the tobacco factories, the exact blend types required by the client can be obtained. The classic Full Flavour, American Blend, menthol, light and ultra light blends have already been developed.


The objective of this project is to report on the quality of the company's products in the world markets, providing products to untapped markets and offering established companies in the market products with the highest quality, hygiene and presentation produced in Paraguay. This is a long-term project that seeks stability in industrial production, which assures interested companies the maintenance and the same standards of quality, presentation, hygiene, administrative efficiency and logistics that are used for Paraguayan products and brands.